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Who are we?

The bandís music has been enjoyed by FM Radio listeners in such places as Belgium, Canada, Italy, Australia, France, Romania, Finland, Germany, the United Kingdom....oh, and also in the United States. (photos by Toni Mazzaglia)

Musical Style:

Melodic, acoustic, British influenced introverted pop

Band Members:

Stephan Bayley: lead singer, guitarist, keyboards
Gordon Cummings: drums and back-up vocals
Holt Evans: bass, guitars and back-up vocals


We take our sound and in it try to emulate the moods of everyone weíre influenced by... Big Star, Jeff Buckley, Crowded House, John Cale, Nick Drake, the Beatles, Tindersticks, the Byrds, David McComb, Richard Thompson, Jules Shear, Roxy Music... through our influences we arrive at our own sound, using slices of other artistsí greatness as inspiration.
--stephan bayley


The Hungry Mind Review
(1994, Caleshear Records)
(1996, Caleshear Records)
Available Now
(1999, Caleshear Records)


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Reactions to our first two albums:

In JíAbandonne they provide well-produced melodic pop music that has a decidedly British sound to it...what makes this band so interesting is its adherence to sophisticated, lush elegance while most groups are grunging it out. Hungry Mind Review opts to swim against the tide by emphasizing melody and leaving the distortion alone.
--The Morning Star, Wilmington, N.C.

Stephan Bayley and Holt Evans have written clean, clear tunes with plenty of subtety and nuance; a nifty effect thrown in here, a nice guitar lick there, and what you have is a beautiful album that may be too musically mature for the great unwashed mass of rockíníroll kids out there...This oneís well worth your time.
--John Staton, Juice Magazine, Wilmington, NC

...JíAbandonne really caught my attention. What a treat...the second track, Barton Fink, has good flow and instrumentation, and the vocals of Stephan Bayley are right on time. Each of the 14 main tracks are attention-grabbers...
--Ken Hypes, Encore Magazine, Wilmington, N.C., well-written songs, played with care and attention. Overall, an excellent sound. Tunes show a definite Beatles/Big Star influence, yet they show enough style and thought as to avoid simple mimicry...donít miss Ďem.
--The Indie File, Charlotte, N.C.

...the Hungry Mind Review donít fall into any specific genre, blending mellow modern-rock with classic-rock melodies in a highly polished and thought-out format. I have seen nothing but rave reviews for this release, with itís classic Beatles qualities (yet not coming across as another Oasis) and modern influences...
--Ouas Music E-newsletter, Issue #62

Smooth, harmony laden pop with a very artistic feel. HMR sing poetic, introspective lyrics over an intricately woven foundation of beautiful guitar meldies. Itís mellow but not boring; in fact, the music is intriguing and addictive...
--Jeb Branin, The Crass Menagerie

The Hungry Mind Review have released something very special. A haunting affair with meandering vocals and soft whispering instrumentals...Ultimately they have arrived at a delightful collection of songs to take you flying.
--Jenni Clapshaw, Community Radio 2TLC 100.3 FM, New South Wales, Australia

All in all, I would recommend JíAbandonne to anyone who appreciates music with some depth. This CD isnít just ear candy, it takes more than just a few listens to begin to hear the beauty of this collection of music unfold. This one is a winner.
--Eric Lambert, 181.4 Degrees From the Norm

  Hungry Mind Review - Album Cover

Order the New Album:

The Hungry Mind Reviewís new album on Caleshear Records, titled Redemption, will be available in the summer of Ď99. It was co-produced by Forrest Maready, a veteran of the North Carolina music scene. Though recently his audio production work had mostly been in the film industry (Virus, The Jackal, Dawson's Creek), he agreed to contribute to their newest release. As a result, the combined effort yields the bandís most focused album to date.

To order past Hungry Mind Review albums or reserve a copy of Redemption, go to or, send a check or money order for $12 made out to Caleshear Music, Inc. and mail to:

Caleshear Music, Inc. (BMI)
2614 Mimosa Place
Wilmington, NC, 28403

To contact Caleshear Music, Inc.over the internet, e-mail them at

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